Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aspies: Let's Stick Together

Hello all,

One thing we Aspies and autists experience is isolation. That hurts not only emotionally, not also practically. Those of us who have few friends and have difficulty getting along with our immediate, physical neighbors can be in trouble sometimes, especially during a crisis when it helps to have someone check on your house, make sure your family is OK and the like.

You know about Lorin Neikirk, an Aspie leader in Houston (see the right-hand sidebars for links to her work). She and I are working to bring Aspies/autists and NTs together.

As you probably know, Hurricane Ike has done a number on Texas in general and Houston in particular. Lorin has felt it necessary to go to another city with her sons (one of whom is also an Aspie) and stay with family for a little while. Everyone is safe and sound. Naturally, she's concerned about the near future.

Maybe we - Aspies and NTs alike - can help.

If you'd be able, or know someone who might be able, to check on Lorin's house and the overall neighborhood, help salvage anything that can be salvaged, stop any further damage from occuring (such as by moving currently undamaged things away from possible rising waters, moving precarious or heavy objects to where they can't do any more damage, please let me know. I will pass that on to Lorin ASAP and then send you appropriate information.

Even if someone is only able to see how flooded and otherwise dangerous the neighborhood in general might still be, that would be a real blessing. Lorin will have to decide very soon how long to stay where she is, and thus among other things which schools her sons can go to for at least the time being.

I don't know whether, or to what extent, Lorin can pay for any help you can give her, but I have no doubt she will do whatever she can. If it's an issue, let me know and I will be happy to ask her.

Also, if you know anyone who could use some web/graphic design and marketing work done (especially over the Internet), please let me know and I will pass that on pronto. Lorin is a very good writer and marketer and a diligent entrepreneur. She'll be even more interested in opportunities to enable her and the rest of her family to get back on their feet.

Let's show we can help each other across the Internet. I don't know how many of you are Christians (Emily is a devout Catholic); in any case Jesus had a few things to say about who's a real neighbor and who isn't (Hint: it's behavior, not mailing address).

There's still a few prejudiced folks out there who think we Aspies are selfish sociopaths. Let's prove 'em wrong.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,

Thank you most kindly for letting me know about Lorin. I had no idea she was caught in the middle of the hurricane. If you have contact with her please let her know that I'm thinking of her.