Thursday, October 9, 2008

Save the Date!


One thing we Aspies and autists often do well is remember details. The numerically minded among us, including yours truly, can often remember dates very well.

That's an underrated relationship skill - especially for guys. The popular stereotype - justified or otherwise - is that men forget anniversaries, birthdays and the like. Women really care when we remember things like that.

Emily and I have not only annual, but also monthly anniversaries. Among other things, we first met 119 months ago today, and we became engaged 55 months ago today. And we remember that every month...usually it falls to me to observe it. It's our special day of the month.

So, AAs - especially those of us who regale our friends and mates with endless trivia till they're ready to start snoring and wear them down with arguments over (what they consider to be) trivia - let's put our knowledge to good use.

Remember their birthdays, anniversaries (of you together or of important past events in their lives), important holidays of theirs and the like.

Any questions?

PS: Remembering the dates is necessary. Remembering which birthday it is - especially for a woman over, say, 25 or so (use your best judgment) - is not.


Static Mom said...

Happy Anniversaries! Mine is tomorrow :)

misha_k said...

Hi Jeff,

J also is great at remembering dates. And it amazes me the things he remembers from several years ago - giving me the month, date and day, what happened and such. Sometimes I can't remember what day it was beforehand.