Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Emily and I have been married for four years today!

We celebrated at Annie's Paramount Steak and Seafood House, where we've been more than once before. The food is good, and so is the color scheme...lots of red and pink and some purple - on the tablecloths, the napkins, even the hostess' shirt and the waitress' tie. As I've noted before, those colors tend to help top off my social fuel gauge.

(In fact, it doesn't seem to be just an Aspie thing. The color pink, in particular, seems to have a calming effect. That's why some jails, for example, have come to "think pink" - right down to the cell walls and prisoners' jumpsuits.)

I told the hostess and waitress that this was our fourth anniversary. So in our honor we also got some nice beautiful balloons, including pink and purple (and we took them home, too).

Among other moments...

Emily: "Does this jacket make me look fat?"

Jeff, after a moment's thought: "It hides your slenderness. You really should take it off and show off your figure."

(At the end of the meal - which for me was a couple of rolls with butter, two substantial pork chops [minus a couple of chunks for Emily], a few beet slices and as much of the baked potato as I could swallow:)

Waitress: "You look satisfied."

Jeff (reaching over, holding Emily and looking into her eyes): "Yes, I certainly am...oh wait, yes, the food was good too." (If I can't always be first on the uptake, I can be good on the rebound. :-})

A good time was had by all.

Meanwhile, here's an excellent post on how many Aspies' minds work: we see only our own set of information and our own paths of reasoning, and all too often assume that everyone else knows the same stuff we do (no more, no less) and thinks about things from our perspective. If we think "Hey, if I know this, then everyone should know it," it can make us look haughty.

We need to understand and then counteract it. Payback is a monster at the hands of NTs who see us bumbling through social life and other people's feelings like a bull in a china shop - not picking up on subtle cues and unwritten rules that they may think are too obvious to discuss.

H/T: Miss Aspielicious.

Second-level H/T: Ms Behaviour, who commented here recently. She carries Miss Aspielicious' Twitter feed in addition to her own.

What do you think?


StatMama said...

Congratulations to you and Emily! I wish you many more happy years together.

Mama Mara said...

Thanks for the link to Xanthippa. Excellent food for thought!

And thanks for today's post. I think that you may have just solved one of the greatest dilemmas facing men today: How to respond to the dreaded "Do I look fat in this?" question. Your answer is Nobel-prizeworthy.

Congrats to you and Emily.

Casdok said...

Many congratulations to you both.

Roia said...

Huzzah! Indeed, I will echo the other good people's hopes for continued wonderfulness in your marriage.

Meanwhile, I'll zip on over to the linked blog momentarily. Sounds like it may be of help.

Wishing you both peace.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

It sounds like you had a lovely dinner. Happy Anniversary, and many, many more!