Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Job


My humble apologies for my silence. I've been more active in the last several months than in quite some time.

Among other things, I have a new full-time (if temporary) job. I grade essays on standardized tests. This requires much attention to detail and willingness to interpret rubrics and follow strict rules. Also, our office is kept as quiet as possible so we can focus on our work.

I've "come out" to the site manager, and she's been helpful and supportive so far. In fact, she finds many aspects of AS - like our willingness to actually answer a yes-or-no question with "yes" or "no" - to be strengths. As of now, it's likely that I'll be called back for subsequent assignments.

So, I like my work - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Emily and I are going away for the weekend. When we get back, I'll post more on what I've been doing this semester.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying the job and have fun at the weekend :D

Casdok said...

Im really pleased to hear your 'coming out' was so positive.
Have a lovely weekend.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

The new job sounds great! Hope you and Emily enjoy your getaway.

StatMama said...

I'm glad you've found understanding about your AS. I hope you and Emily have a great weekend!