Friday, June 26, 2009

A little knowledge + big mouth = dangerous thing

Roughly 30 years ago, at a flea market with my dad in front of my dad's acquaintance's table.

I see rhinestone imitation German Iron Crosses. And I'm old enough to know about the Holocaust.

I've yet to understand that Nazi Germany (1933-45) is but a small subset of Germany's very long history, represented in part by the Iron Crosses.

Potential customer comes up to the table and checks out the Iron Crosses.

Yours truly points at the Iron Cross he's looking at: "You know, that's an Antichrist symbol!"

Dad leads me away.

Dad is very unhappy with me following news that potential did not become actual customer.


mama edge said...

I'm really enjoying these stories, but I'm shaky on the math. How old were you when you quashed the Iron Cross sale?

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

This is very funny to me especially now as Nigel is going through a WWII phase, saying "Germany is the enemy." I haven't yet explained to him that he's part German!

Roia said...

It's not that easy being green. :-)

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Mama E.,

I don't remember exactly, but I believe I was in upper elementary school at the time.

Tanya - My regards to Nigel (who at least has an English name). Can you imagine how my family must have felt?

Roia - I know Kermit the Frog is supposed to have said that; I'm not sure how it relates here. Could you explain, please? Thank you!


Jeff Deutsch