Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Are Your Personal Demons?


On Halloween afternoon (a week from today) - 3-4pm ET - we'll have a Blog Talk Radio show discussing some of my personal demons, and please feel free to call in with any of yours at (760) 695-5604 (free except for your normal long-distance charges or cell minutes*). NTs with constructive responses to Aspies' thoughts are also welcome.

If you see on that page a button for calling in via Skype - it depends on whether there's a Skype channel available - and you're logged into both Blog Talk Radio and Skype (both free), you can use that to listen and then if you want to talk on the show hit 1 on your keyboard.

Or you can just listen and/or participate in live chat, both on the webpage.

[*] Many cell plans these days offer free unlimited weekend (and for that matter night) minutes.

Enjoy your week!

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