Monday, April 18, 2011


Recently I visited Seattle (joining Emily, who was working there that week).

After getting off the plane at Sea-Tac, I made my way toward the light rail station while pulling a small suitcase and carrying a laptop case and another bag.

A couple of young men came up to me and asked if I was local - sounding like they needed help finding something.

Life is interesting sometimes....


Roia said...

There's something downright impressive about that, Jeff- on several levels. Personally, I'm always excited when I manage to look like I fit in somewhere. :- )

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed Seattle (in spite of the brutal hills). It's a lovely city.

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hi Roia,

I'm glad to see you've been keeping tabs on me.

Thing is, in all likelihood those guys wanted to ask me directions to somewhere. I'd been in the city for less than an hour, including the time waiting at the baggage carousel!

I devised the label "Personal Aura" to mark the incidents where people seem to assume that I'm the best go-to guy, or that I don't need help. Sometimes that's true, other times I find it necessary to point them to better information sources.

Hills? Pshaw. I've visited San Francisco twice, including last summer!

It is a lovely city - I've even got a photo of the sun out.

Jeff Deutsch