Monday, July 11, 2011



Three years ago today, Building Common Ground was born!

Pop Quiz: In the photo for this news story, can you tell without looking at the caption or any other text in the story, and without knowing the individuals, who's interviewing whom? Bonus points if you can explain how you know.


CT said...

The older woman is interviewing the younger.

The older woman is leaning forward, an intent look on her face (mouth more firm, eyes slightly narrowed, hands not loose), whereas the younger woman is looking upward, mouth slightly open, lips loose, body not taunt.

We tend to look upwards when remembering, but even more critically, a person who interviews for a living is used to being in charge of space and of herself. It is a power position. The power differential is clear here.

Jeff Deutsch said...

Take a bow, CT!

Bonus points for identifying the older woman (the one on the left).

Have a great weekend, CT!

Jeff Deutsch

CT said...

You, too, Jeff.

Congratulations on your Blogoversary!