Friday, July 31, 2009

Momentous Month

This has been quite an eventful month for me, including (in no particular order):

  • Starting up an online Asperger/Autism Spectrum Group for fellow alumni of American University (where I first went to college full-time);

  • First blogiversary, a couple of weeks ago;

  • The beginning of a new Toastmasters year, which has gone very well so far (their activities year starts in July). Among other things I've been asked to be an Assistant Governor for an area in my new division;

  • Surgery, from which I have fully recovered and then some;

  • Move for Emily and me several counties over, in order to cut her commute. I handled most of the paperwork and logistics, and we just finished the move today;

  • Tenth anniversary with my current Hotmail account, today. (In fact, I'd previously used other Hotmail accounts - back when the service was just starting, in the 20th century, they liked to call themselves HoTMaiL.) Very shortly after I began my current account, I got the opportunity to teach in Beijing, so I used HoTMaiL Hotmail to keep in touch with Emily.

Meanwhile, a close acquaintance of mine, Caitlin - a newly minted MSW and licensed social worker - has moved from the Baltimore area to Boston today to take up a one-year fellowship for clinicians and policy advocates. She's already worked with children on the autism spectrum. Congratulations and good luck, Caitlin!

How was your July?


Roia said...

Wow! You have been a busy man. Congratulations on all the anniversaries and new adventures and glad for your completed move (that tends to be quite insane-making in my experience).

Hm, in my July I'm one step closer to finishing a CD that's been in the making for the past, oh, seven years. Yay!

Hope you have a great August!

Jeff Deutsch said...

Good morning Roia,

Congrats on your upcoming (fingers crossed) CD, and thank you for the good wishes!

Yes, moving is one of life's great extended hassles. I've moved more times than I care to rcount. (In one six-month period, I had to move four times - including twice into another county!)

Shortly after I posted here on Friday night, I came across this piece, which should come in handy for my next move.

Stay cool, Roia!

Jeff Deutsch

Anonymous said...

WOW, you've been really busy! Hope you're enjoying your new home, and recovering well from the surgery.

Having been on a three-week holiday I think I've had a far more relaxing July than you :D

Caitlin said...

Hi Jeff!

Thanks so much for the shout out in your blog. You've been very encouraging over the past couple of months, so thank you for that as well. I hope that the end of summer and beginning of fall give you more time to relax and enjoy your new home with Emily!

Keep in touch,

Holly said...

WOW! Looks like you stay very busy yourself! Thanks for being the first to comment on my blog! HUGE ego boost. My head is so big right now that I don't know how I'm going to fit out the office door! :)

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hi Holly,

You are more than welcome. I enjoy reading your blog. Please stop by anytime.


Jeff Deutsch

Maddy said...

Okay international jetsetter, now I feel like a complete blog as I have achieved absolutely nothing in the last month. Must be something to do with........oh yes, the summer holidays. I hope productivity levels [mine] will return to the usual levels of 'average' soonishly.