Thursday, August 20, 2009

55 Alive


Today's our 55-month wedding anniversary. We spent it recovering from a car crash last night.

In short, we hit a dirt bank, our car overturned, then got back on its wheels (yes, a 360 degree flip) and ended up right up against a concrete barrier. A passing driver pulled over, called 911 and helped us out of the car. (It's not a good long-term path to depend on the kindness of strangers, but once in a while it's unavoidable.)

The fire department, ambulance and a state trooper came at the same time. The worst injury either of us suffered was a dirty gash on my arm, which the nice medics disinfected and then bound up with gauze.

Meanwhile, the car is quite likely a total loss.

The moral of the story - yes, this includes everyone heading off to college right now - please, please, please fasten your seat belts every single time you're in a moving car. Don't ride in a car without working seat belts any more than you would ride with a drunk driver.

Police officers like to say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. By that same token, there's really no such thing as a routine ride, for the same reason - you never know which one is going to be The One.


Casdok said...

I read this with my heart in my mouth. So relieved that you are both ok, but sounds very frightening.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're both OK!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a relief that your injuries were minimal.

Roia said...

Yikes, Jeff! I happen to be on the road, and I was just catching up on blogs. First, I'm so happy you're both okay (albeit somewhat traumatized, I imagine). Second, you are absolutely right. Every moment counts.

Safe travels to you.