Sunday, May 2, 2010

Possible Oxytocin Treatment?


A team of German and British researchers has found that nasal sprays of oxytocin, the nurturance hormone, can help men better respond to social cues and others' feelings.

Scientists are speculating that it may help people with certain neurological disorders, including autism.

Do you think general use of oxytocin therapy can be a positive or negative step for Aspies and autists?

H/T: KipEsquire.


Clarissa said...

The whole thing sounds extremely weird. Why is the use of this medication aimed at men? How can a nasal spray be gendered?

As for me, I would never consider any medication to "help" with my Asperger's. The idea that I need to be medicated for my way of being is offensive to me.

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Clarissa,

As the article mentions, women are generally more sensitive than men to social cues, feelings and the like. Thus, men are likely more able to benefit from successful oxytocin treatment.

NB: Certain classic features of AS, including social clumsiness and rigidity, manifest much more often (and more strongly) in Aspie men; women, including Aspie women, are believed to be much better imitators.

If I've interpreted your name correctly, you're in the gender that's much better situated in this regard in the first place.

Meanwhile, would you consider medication that does not necessarily change how you behave or feel, but gives you a broader idea of how others feel? Or, do you believe that possibly other Aspies could make good use of medication?


Jeff Deutsch