Monday, July 5, 2010

New Label


Hopefully you all had a great Fourth of July.

I spent it with a couple of acquaintances in Arlington, going out to eat, watching the National Mall Concert on TV and then watching the fireworks.

While waiting to change trains in Washington, DC on the way there, I saw a couple of men looking at the map and trying to find their destination. I told them how to get to their stop, and then advised another man to go to the other side of the station for the train going the other way, and a woman on how to get to her stop. Another man suggested maybe I should get paid for this. I just smiled.

When I took the Metro back home and got off at my rather crowded station, a boy came up to me and asked me if a nearby door led to the bathroom. Knowing that it did, and that the station management often allowed customers to use it - but not wanting to usurp their authority (let alone suddenly become everyone's go-to person on an occasion like this) - I pointed him to the managers' kiosk and suggested he talk to someone who was there to help him.

This has happened often enough now to justify a new label.

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