Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better to drop the ball than rub it the wrong way


We see yet another study showing that brilliant boors lose out to likable dunderheads.

Specifically, a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that customers get a bad feeling about places where co-workers mistreat one another, even if the customers themselves are well-treated - and worse than where the employees are incompetent.

Kenya McCullum has outlined the situation in the Workplace Communication Examiner.

Takeaway for Aspies: Even if we're technically skilled, that won't save us if customers feel badly about how we interact with co-workers (let alone customers themselves). Address social skills shortfalls first, then worry about keeping your technical edge. Our interpersonal side could easily become our Achilles heel - and we know what happened to Achilles.

What do you think?

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