Thursday, November 4, 2010

What EMS Can Teach Us


Kelly Grayson, an experienced emergency medic, has given us some pearls of wisdom:

4. About 70% of the battery patients* more than likely deserved it.

6. When dealing with patients, supervisors, or citizens, if it felt good saying it, it was the wrong thing to say.

10. Always follow the rules, but be wise enough to leave them sometimes.

32. If it’s stupid, but it works… then it ain’t stupid.

33. Algorithms** never survive the first thirty seconds of patient contact.

77. Training is learning the rules, experience is learning the exceptions.

42. If someone is pointing a gun at you, two things become apparent: 1) You should have waited for law enforcement; 2) You wish you just hadn’t made that wise-[mouth]ed comment.

[*] People who got hit by someone. Now, they may not think they deserved it, and maybe even you or I may not think so either, but guess what? The guy who hit them thought they deserved it.

Most violence is between people who know each other.

[**] Algorithms are rules and expectations.

(Both pages NSFW in a few places due to language.)

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