Saturday, November 27, 2010

Staying Safe Out There

Sometimes it's tough for Aspies (and others, too) to stay safe on the street. We need to navigate between the Scylla of tough-looking people (eg, piercings, tattoos, leather jackets) who may actually be nice, and seemingly innocuous people who want to beat, mug or even rape or kill us.

Criminals give off signals - and they're also very good at reading potential victims' signals. (For example, an "interview" is the process by which a criminal closely checks out someone to see if it's safe to attack him or her.)

For some good, concrete steps to spotting and avoiding thugs, check out this great* resource - including self-defense expert Marc "Animal" MacYoung (he's the short guy with relatively short and dark hair, mustache and beard):

[*] And basically SFW - except of course for simulated violence.

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Roia said...

Wow, Jeff. That was hard to watch, but I appreciate your posting it. It's something I tend to be very aware of, living between two major cities (Philadelphia and NYC), and I try to be super-aware of my surroundings and how I carry myself. I have to say, these days I have to be hyper-conscious when I'm driving as well. I think the bottom line in all of this is to pay attention. Thanks for the reminder!